The Court of Madhya Pradesh will launch its own OTT Platform

High Court step-up for transparency

Madhya Pradesh High Court finalized to launch its own OTT Platform “CLASS” for live proceedings.

The Madhya Pradesh High Court is adopting measures to increase transparency in its proceedings, amidst the increasing use of IT Infrastructure. Hence, Jabalpur High Court is set to be launched a new OTT Platform called “CLASS” to allow people to listen to Live Court Proceedings.  

What is “CLASS Platform”

This will be a streaming platform created by Madhya Pradesh High Court, allowing anyone to listen to live Proceedings. Right now it is conducted on YouTube. But after the CLASS launch, it will be conducted on the CLASS Platform. The full name of the CLASS is-“Courtroom Live audio video streaming system”.

How can we use it?

The Madhya Pradesh High Court guidelines allow people to watch live proceedings. The app does not need to be downloaded officially as its content will be accessible on their website for anyone to view.

What needs to keep in mind?

According to the official guidelines, sharing clips of live proceedings on social media is now considered as an offense. Currently, legal actions cannot be pursued for sharing live proceeding clips due to discrepancies between YouTube’s copyright policy and High Court rules. Soon the proceedings began at the CLASS platform, then actions can be taken against those who violate the court’s rules.

Existing issues in live proceedings:

According to the sources, Madhya Pradesh High Court will soon be making changes to its live proceedings rules for 2021. various issues such as the live proceedings on YouTube are currently running ten minutes late, but the High Court plans to make them happen in real-time in the future. The Court is also dealing with the problem of people sharing incomplete clips of proceedings, resulting in the dissemination of inaccurate information.


I believe this is a positive move towards being more transparent and addressing misinformation. This not only guarantees openness in court proceedings but also holds the judiciary accountable. It will take less time and increase legal awareness among individuals.

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