The Essence of Freedom.

The choices of Freedom

Freedom is closely linked with our success and happiness

In the modern world, our lives are influenced by various dynamic factors, and the concept of ‘Freedom’ has gained significance. Currently, the concept of freedom is difficult to define precisely. But, to live a life filled with freedom, it is possible to comprehend this idea. And to truly grasp the concept of freedom, I will explore various aspects of it here.

Let’s analyze What is Freedom?

Freedom can be understood while examining the two questions. First, Does Freedom involve confining a bird in a cage to protect it from challenges and difficulties, enabling it to live a secure and sheltered life? Or either it to provide a space to be free and discover its own path, own solutions to their problems. However, I believe that the second choice is far better. Why? because, when the bird is released into the sky, it learns how to face its own challenges, this ability could be beneficial to the bird when there is no one else to take care of it.

Aspects of freedom:

Financial freedom-People has diverse views on it. Some thought, that financial freedom means having enough wealth to fulfill our basic human needs. Some believe that, having enough wealth to be able to take significant risks without any fear. In my view financial freedom means, feeling financially stable and being able to anticipate and respond to potential future financial risks and be prepared for those risks.

Bodily Freedom- currently, individuals experience a sense of being trapped by their senses, regardless of whether they previously indulged in them or attempted to suppress the senses. Based on my experience, neither option is correct. Instead, we should strive for a balanced approach where we feel our senses, at the same time not letting them to overpower us. because complete bodily freedom never be achieved.  

Freedom from objects: nowadays, the most pressing challenge that people are facing, is their excessive attachment to their mobile devices. They feel worthless without it and cannot envision their lives in the modern world, which is partly true given the changing dynamics. Technology cannot replace the connection between people that requires physical presence. It is important to understand when it is inappropriate to use gadgets, and when they can be used to foster strong relationships.

To sum up:

In the above passages, we examined the various elements of freedom and how it contributes to the improvement and happiness in our daily lives. Freedom is that facet of our lives that is closely linked with our success, and happiness. But the irony is that there is no defined parameters through which we can measure our freedom. Hence, we just understand it with our own experiences and knowledge.

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