Madhya Pradesh government: All set to be launched India’s first E-sports academy

E-Sports Academy

New sports like E-Sports Gaming and Break Dance have been included in the list of sports.

Have you ever thought of an e-sports academy? Is it exciting? Yes, Madhya Pradesh is set to become the first state to establish an e-sports academy. Along with it, two new Sports Academies for Olympic-added sports will also be constructed, As Madhya Pradesh’s sports and youth welfare minister, Yashodhara Rajey Sindhia, recently made an announcement.

Key takeaways:  

For the e-sports academy, the talent will be searched through the Junior e-sports championship, which will begin from July 27 to August 7. This championship is meant for 12-17 years age group youth, who can register themselves at link till July 25th.

What’s new in the upcoming Asian Olympic Games 2023:

E-sports and Breakdance have been officially included as Sports in the upcoming Asian Olympic Games. Now those youth who are interested in break dance can list their hobby as a recognized sport. This seems really fascinating. Along with it, e-sport Gaming has also been listed as a competitive sports list in it.

Sports in which Madhya Pradesh Players have an edge:

Shooting, Hockey, Cricket, Athletics, Malkhamb, kayaking-canoeing, archery, horse riding, etc, and for giving training in these sports, separate academies are also there in Madhya Pradesh. This indicates that Madhya Pradesh Government is placing a strong emphasis on sports.

Is it will be the major breakthrough for Madhya Pradesh?

The announcement of two new sports academies will surely be beneficial for Madhya Pradesh’s youth. They can now harness their sports talent into various sports categories. The initiatives taken by Madhya Pradesh Government indicate a promising future for the state’s athletes.

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