PM Modi targets opposition INDIA alliance

PM Modi targets
PM Modi targets

PM Modi: The Prime Minister laid the foundation stone for a petrochemical complex and various development projects at the Bina refinery, accusing the opposition of a ‘conspiracy to destroy the ideas, values and traditions that bind India for thousands of years.

The arrogant alliance came with the intention of destroying Sanatan – PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has attacked the Bharat Alliance of the opposition, calling it an arrogant alliance. He said that there are some parties in the country which are trying to divide the country and the society and they have together formed the I.N.D.I. There has been a coalition, which some people call an arrogant coalition. Prime Minister Modi, who came to lay the foundation stone of a petrochemical complex and various development projects at a refinery in Bina, Madhya Pradesh, targeted the opposition and accused them of attacking the country’s culture and traditions.

PM Modi attacked India alliance

PM Modi said that the people of this coalition have come to destroy the tradition of Sanatan. The Prime Minister said, “Their leader is undecided, there is confusion about leadership. But he made the policy and strategy of how this egoistic alliance will work in his Mumbai meeting. He has also set a hidden agenda of his own. In a recent meeting in Mumbai, he strategized how the Ahankari Gathbandhan would work in the future. The policy and strategy of this arrogant coalition is to attack India’s culture.

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This arrogant coalition is intent on destroying the ideas and values that have united India for thousands of years. The policy of egoistic attachment is to destroy Sanatana. Every Sanatani living in the nook and cranny of the country has to beware of him. By removing Sanatan, they want to enslave the country for a thousand years. They want to destroy the ideas, values and traditions associated with India for thousands of years. The Prime Minister said that this India-Alliance has come with the resolve to end the age-old tradition. Every Sanatani in every corner of the country has to beware of the policy of Ahankari Yuti. By removing Sanatan, they want to enslave the country for a thousand years.

Gift of crores to MP

While laying the foundation stone of Petrochemical Complex and various development projects at Bina Refinery, PM Modi said that during the golden age of independence, every countryman has resolved to develop India. The central government will spend more than 50 thousand crore rupees on these projects. To achieve this goal it is necessary that India becomes self-sufficient and we should import minimum number of items from foreign countries. For the development of any country or any state it is essential that the governance is run with complete transparency and corruption is kept under control.

Today the foundation stone of the Bina Refinery Petrochemical Complex was laid, which will make India self-sufficient in the production of such products. He said that this land of Bundelkhand is the land of heroes. This land has bee blesse by both Bina and Betwa and I am privilege to come to Sagar for the second time in a month and see you. Last time I came for the Bhumi Poojan of the grand memorial of Sant Ravidas Ji, today I have the opportunity to inaugurate several schemes that will give a new impetus to the development of Madhya Pradesh.

Targeted at Congress

The PM said that Madhya Pradesh was known as one of the poorest states in the country. After independence, those who ruled MP for a long time, gave nothing but corruption and injustice. At that time MP was dominate by criminals and people had no faith in the law. In such a situation how will industries be establishe here, how will any businessman dare to come here. He said that when you gave us a chance, we tried our best to change the destiny of Madhya Pradesh with all sincerity.

We freed people from fear and enforced law and order. How Congress deprived this Bundelkhand of facilities like roads, electricity and water. Today, roads and electricity are reaching every house. With the improvement in connectivity, a favorable and positive environment has also bee created for industries. We believe that Madhya Pradesh is going to touch new heights of industrial growth in the next few years.

Madhya Pradesh has an important contribution in the development of the country

The Prime Minister said, “From the Red Fort, I discussed in detail about freedom from slavery mentality and development for all. Today it is a matter of pride to see that India has left the mindset of slavery and started moving forward with an independent mindset. If any country takes such a decision, its transformation begins. You may have seen his picture at the G20 summit. You all have seen how India successfully hosted G20. The credit for this success goes to all of you.”

He said that one scheme of Madhya Pradesh has more investment than the budget of many states. The Prime Minister said that work has started on 10 new industrial projects in Madhya Pradesh today. This year, October 5 marks the 500th birth anniversary of Queen Durgavati and the Double Engine government will celebrate the auspicious occasion with much fanfare.

He said that the schemes and efforts of the BJP government have benefited the poor, Dalits, tribals, backward and disadvantaged people the most. The model of Sabka Saath Sabka development is showing the way to the world and today India is working with the aim of becoming one of the top three economies of the world. Madhya Pradesh will play a big role in making India among the top three and will also open up new opportunities for the state. He said that the next five years will give a new direction to the development of Madhya Pradesh.


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