Timeline established for resolution of claims of disqualification against Eknath Shinde MLAs: SC summons Maharashtra Speaker.


On Monday, the Supreme Court ordered Speaker Rahul Narwekar to list the case before him within a week and establish a timeline for hearing the disqualification petitions filed against Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and other Shiv Sena MLAs.

Maharashtra CM

The Supreme Court instructed the Maharashtra Speaker to comply with the Supreme Court’s May 11 judgment. Which calls for him to make a decision regarding the disqualification petitions of dissident Shiv Sena MLAs in a fair amount of time.

The court further noted that nothing had occurred in the case other from the delivery of the notice. It urged the Speaker to retain the case for the purpose of issuing procedural orders within a week.

“In the hearing, the Supreme Court stated that no hearings had yet been place, even after four months, in accordance with its ruling from May 11. Stipulated that the Maharashtra assembly Speaker would decide on a disqualification. The court continued to wait for it… Anil Desai, the leader of the Shiv Sena (UBT), reacted angrily to the Supreme Court’s criticism of Narwekar’s delay in ruling on disqualification petitions. Said that the disqualification processes should start right away.

Speaker of the Maharashtra Assembly retorts

In response to the Supreme Court’s directive, Narwekar stated, “A copy of the ruling has not yet obtained. The disqualification petition hearing will proceed according to its own schedule. In a decent amount of time, the decision will made.

According to what I understand, the Supreme Court acknowledged that the Speaker’s position protected by the Constitution. The court cannot interfere with how he conducts himself.

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