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The tailor is a series here who wants to make his girlfriend a super model in which payami makes a dress for his girlfriend and he wants to be famous all over the world and here he wants to make the world’s most beautiful model and payami his future wife i.e. his girlfriend Suzy grabs a beautiful dress here and here a series has been made about a tailor who can gift his girlfriend a beautiful dress here the dress is made but here more people want to be miss universal model But here the competition does not stop and here the dress made by Payami is stolen which is made for the most beautiful beautiful model in the whole world i.e. Payami’ girlfriend Suzy and wants to see Suzy as Miss Universal Model and here Suzy Jealous contestants steal Suji’s dress but she could not perform and she could not become Miss Universal Model but here Payami is shocked to know who did such a dirty act then only a few minutes before the show starts. It’s time Payami goes to his shop and prepares a new dress for Suji in a few minutes and takes Suji here and lets see what happens next –

Life of Payami and Suzy

Suzy becomes winner here in the show and Payami is very happy and she is discussed all over the world and Suzy appears in TV Shows and News and she says huge thanks to Payami and grabs a super car and here is a They come closer to each other and here Payami convinces Suzy for their marriage and says that now we should get married but here Suzy does not agree and says that now I have become Miss Universal Model, I need some time to live my life. But here Payami doesn’t celebrate she has to get married and both of them have a fight and here they both separate and both are happy in their life but Payami is very sad here thinking that she has spent her whole life for Suzy .

I always wanted to see her happiness but Suzy didn’t want to get married. And now the big challenge was ahead for Suzy because the model show of Miss World was going to happen which was the biggest model show in the whole world in which Suzy had to participate in them and Suzy was now alone and her designer Payami Yeh but she did not return. wanted to go but Suzy called another designer and got her dress made and she participated in the world model show and she came in third place here Suzy was upset with herself that I had lost a part of my life and Suzy went to meet Payami By then it was too late, Payami had married another girl who was Miss World model who came in the first place, who was Payami’ wife, knowing here, Suzy got angry and started speaking here, because of my mistakes, today I repent. Sorry Payami I am sorry here it was my mistake that I did not understand you I wanted to marry you I am sorry— and more next part



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