Sunil Grover is selling glasses on the roadside, fans made funny comments on the video

 Sunil Grover is selling glasses on the roadside, fans made funny comments on the video

Sunil Grover

Sunil Grover: A video of comedian Sunil Grover is going viral on social media, with a lot of likes by fakes.

Sunil Grover is selling glasses on the roadside

The Sunil Grover is a very popular Indian actor and comedian. He has showcased his distinctive acting skills in various films and picture shows along with his acting. Sunil Grover has a unique place in the comedy field. He is Dr. in ‘Dil Kapil Sharma Show’. Played the role of famous Gulati. , moreover, Way has been a big success in films too. Appeared as a secondary character in films like ‘Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha’ and ‘Baaghi’. Once again his movie Premi Kolyad makes headlines.

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Actually, the actor posted a video on social media platform Instagram. Wowo is seen selling glasses. Let it be known that this video features Sunil Grover wearing a half-cut with a black cut. At the same time, a woman is also seen buying glasses from him. Then one and their customers have now passed, showing vo-tarah or glasses. The song “Teri Premi Pyari Surat” is also playing in the background of this video.

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There, fans are constantly making funny comments after watching this video. A fan wrote that Bhai Kapil Sharma 1 ghanta kar hansi nahi, aap ki 15 secund ki ril mein maja jaata hai while another person aati hai dekhi likha hai sir ab toh hindi ki cinema bonding well.. Sunny-SK sir ki your lovers So please come back to The Kapil Show as Doctor Gulati.

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They bring new and exclusive comedy content to your fans. This is not a video Vakho Chashma asks. Even earlier he is seen selling bhutta, milk and garlic in the vegetable market. At the same time, he is also seen cutting the hair of customers as a barber. His Har video fans ka Khush love Sara.


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