saba ibrahim miscarriage due to complication

Saba ibrahim announced her first pregnancy she suffered a miscarriage she shared her news in youtube vlog.april this year she along with her husband sunny had shared the good news through their youtube vlog. saba ibrahim despite the complications in her pregnancy the couple knew that they would pull through however now it has been learned that saba suffered a miscarriage.

However, due to a lot of complications, the doctors advised Saba to take complete bed rest. But, things did not go well and Saba ibrahim suffered a miscarriage. The couple declared the heartbreaking news on their YouTube vlog. The video opened with the couple informing fans that they are all set for the fresh scans that Saba needs to go through. Sunny said that they were both very nervous, ahead of the scans.

Per her latest YouTube vlog, Saba ibrahim and her husband Sunny revealed what happened. Her husband said Saba ibrahim was inside, and I was sitting outside, and I had a weird feeling about what will happen, but there was hope that everything would be fine; as Saba did everything that the doctor said, she did proper bed rest. And it builds a hope that everything is right so that everything will happen well.

 Saba and Sunny got married last year, and this year they have been eagerly waiting for Sunny’s arrival ever since Saba learned about her pregnancy. Saba got a lot of messages from her loved ones, and they assured her that soon she would be pregnant again and God would shower her with all the happiness, and we too wished the same for the girl.Sunny, Saba’s husband, said. “When Saba went inside the doctor, after some time I was also called inside. The doctor informed me that the baby doesn’t have heartbeat.” Sunny called it the worst moment.

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