Jogira Sara Ra Ra 2023 Movie

 Jogira Sara Ra Ra 2023 Movie

Jogira Sara Ra Ra 2023 Movie

Jogira Sara Ra Ra (2023) – Cast and Full Details

Jogira Sara Ra Ra is an upcoming Bollywood romantic comedy film set to release in 2023. Directed by Kushan Nandy and produced by Naeem A. Siddiqui, the movie promises to deliver a delightful blend of romance, comedy, and entertainment. Let’s delve into the cast and other exciting details of this much-anticipated film.


Jogira Sara Ra Ra revolves around the quirky and amusing love story of two small-town characters, Shyam and Radha. Played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Neha Sharma, respectively, their paths cross in a comical twist of fate. As their relationship develops, their journey takes them through a series of hilarious encounters, misunderstandings, and heartwarming moments. Set against the backdrop of a vibrant small town, the film captures the essence of innocent love, wit, and laughter. Jogira Sara Ra Ra 2023 Movie

Cast and Characters

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, known for his versatile acting, portrays the role of Shyam, a charming and witty small-town boy with dreams and aspirations. Neha Sharma brings Radha, a lively and strong-willed girl, to life with her energetic performance. The chemistry between Siddiqui and Sharma promises to be a major highlight of the film.

Apart from the lead pair, Jogira Sara Ra Ra boasts an impressive supporting cast. Sanjay Mishra, a brilliant actor renowned for his comedic timing, joins the ensemble as Radha’s father. Another talented addition to the film is Mimoh Chakraborty, who plays Shyam’s best friend and adds an extra layer of humor to the narrative. Jogira Sara Ra Ra 2023 Movie

Filming Locations and Music

Jogira Sara Ra Ra is predominantly shot in the charming locales of a small town, which adds authenticity to the storyline. The picturesque settings, combined with the vibrant cinematography, contribute to the overall visual appeal of the film.

The music of Jogira Sara Ra Ra is composed by Gourov Dasgupta, who has previously delivered popular tracks. With a mix of melodious tunes and foot-tapping beats, the soundtrack promises to enhance the film’s narrative and capture the essence of the characters’ emotion


Jogira Sara Ra Ra is an upcoming Bollywood film that brings together romance, comedy, and entertainment. With a talented cast including Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Neha Sharma, Sanjay Mishra, and Mimoh Chakraborty, the film guarantees a fun-filled and enjoyable experience for the audience. The unique love story, set in a vibrant small town, is bound to capture hearts with its humor, wit, and endearing characters. As the release date approaches, fans eagerly await the film’s arrival, ready to be enthralled by Jogira Sara Ra Ra’s lighthearted and delightful narrative.


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