Indian student kandula slain by police vehicle in the US receives posthumous degree.

 Indian student kandula slain by police vehicle in the US receives posthumous degree.

Jaahnavi Kandula, an Indian student who died in the United States after struck by a speeding police car, will receive her degree posthumously and give it to her family. An cop may seen joking and laughing about the student’s murder in a bodycam footage that has sparked controversy.


According to a statement from the Northeastern University Chancellor’s office, Kandula’s coworkers will remember her for her “bubbly laugh” and “sense of humor.” Students, staff, and instructors will terribly saddened by her passing. The university intends to gift Jaahnavi’s family with her degree posthumously, according to the chancellor.

On the evening of January 23, Kandula, a graduate student at Northeastern University, struck at a crosswalk.

Daniel Auderer, a Seattle police officer, can heard discussing the tragic crash on a bodycam footage that has surfaced. You can hear him say, “Yeah, just write a check for $11,000.” In any case, she was just 26 and had little worth.

The university’s Chancellor’s office responded to the unfortunate occurrence by saying, “We also understand that our Indian student population, across all Northeastern campuses, has particularly touched by this tragedy and its aftermath. We support you and are certain that the ensuing investigations will lead to some semblance of justice and responsibility.

Campus meetings would organized on all Northeastern campuses in support of Kandula, according to the Chancellor’s office.

“When we are hurting as a group, we are hurting together. These are the times when we must rely on one another for support and advance together. We’ll organize campus meetings the following week to encourage peace among all members of our community. According to the statement, information will be forthcoming from Northeastern Student Life and the relevant campus deans.

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