Harsha Sai: How he became rich and helps the poor

 Harsha Sai: How he became rich and helps the poor


Harsha Sai
After all, who is this boy here who always helps the poor and where does he get so much money from? ( HARSHA SAI : HOW HE BECAME RICH AND HELPS THE POOR )— Harsha Sai is a normal person who according to current generation is a 26 year old boy and was born here in Hyderabad on 13 November 1995 and here is a good Influencer and also a social worker who is one of the people according to his humanity. Helps and here nowadays it is becoming viral very fast in youtube and social media.

Harsha Sai Work.

Here he works in a Telugu film and web series and here he is considered a small celebrity, here these days Harsha Sai is becoming very viral because he is helping the poor, some money and some Why does Harsha Sai want to do this by building a house and providing employment to someone?

Where does itna money come from: Harsha Sai

Here it is believed that Harsha Sai plays the role of an actor towards a Tollywood film and web series and here is a well-known Telugu film star and if we talk about his income here, he earns 40 lakhs monthly and not here but his There is also a team who along with Harsha Sai help the poor by being compassionate.

Extra Income : Harsha Sai

Here their income is upper earning here also through YouTube, here they have made their 10 channels in YouTube, in different languages ​​Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, English, Bengali, Tamil, they have YouTube channels in other languages ​​which are million They are subscribed and not even here their top earning is youtube earning which comes from 20 lakhs monthly from 1 channel, so you can guess how much they earn from 10 channels.


Donated money in Garibo and got virtue.

Whatever income Harsha Sai makes, he takes blessings by helping poor and helpless people and here Harsha Sai gives his entire income and everything to the poor through his social work and his team.
If someone has a home,

someone needs material,

then someone is unemployed and gives blessings by taking them away.

Harsha’s net worth.

Harsha Sai’s net worth is 57,000,000 and he only helps the needy with this money and his monthly hard work income is 27,000,00
100 million subscribers in youtube and earn million dollars here
Personal Bio :-
1.) hight 5.6 inch
2.) Eyes Brown
3.) Rang Savla
4.) Single
5.) Income: Youtube and Actor
6.) Family : No Metric Bio

Harsha Sai Education: Harsha Sai’s education has been done in Vignan Bharti High School and here he has done college from Geetam University, here he has done B.Tech and BCA and Master MCA and computer science has been his subject but he has done his career as an actor. Started making more videos and got success because of this today Harsha Sai helps the rich and the poor.

Harsha Sai doesn’t want to see tears in anyone’s eyes here is his aim.


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