Gay marriage hearing supreme court news:

 Gay marriage hearing supreme court news:

Gay marriage

Gay marriage the second day of the supreme court hearing of pleas to legalize marriage for same-sex and alternative sexuality couples-which the government opposes-began Wednesday with a reference to the oft-repeated rant against LGBTQIA+relationship-they being ‘against the order of nature.Arguing for one of the petitioners,senior advocate Mukul stressed the need to push society to acknowledge us as equal in all respect because the constitution says so

The argument of the other side is-a biological women(and)their union will lead to procreation is the order of nature They are saying I’m abnormal. Gay maariage What is normal for the majority but is not the law that is a mindset. The important thing is deconstructing the hetero-normative framework….he told the bench led by chief justice DY Chandrachud.

This Victorian morality issue came in the 1800s. If you soo back to Indian text hundreds of years these(non-heterosexual) acts were depicted on walls thousands of years our morality was very different far more(and)not Victorian…stereotyped, stigmatized: Through the pleas, the petitioner is seeking wider constitutional entitlements based on the right to life and personal liberty and another related right.While the central government has repeatedly opposed the hearing on the ground that recognition of marriage is parliament’s call and contented the case be not heard at all since “only a biological man and a biological man and a biological woman can enter into a valid wedlock”Gay marriage

Meanwhile, Rohatgi emphasized the need for equal rights for the LGBTQIA+ community to be acknowledged under the social institution of marriage. The SC bench led by CJI Dhanajaya Y Chandrachuda heard the petitions, clarifying the remit of the proceeding will be limited to the validation of such marriage under the Special Marriage Act(SMA). It stressed taking an” “incremental approach” in the judicial decision-making process in the case and noted it will reflect the “sage wisdom”(SMA) of marriage.

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