CM Yogi received death threat

 CM Yogi received death threat

CM Yogi received death threat

Chief Minister Yogi is receiving death threats here and knowing here the Lucknow Police has increased the security of Yogi CM YOGI received death threat and said here that you come out with your security, who is the culprit here, the police will know and why they want to eliminate Yogi. And what is the reason here revenge for Yogi’s death.

Lucknow police is investigating here

A young man has been prosecuted after receiving threats to kill UP’s CM Yogi. According to the information, it is told here that the call has been made from the government number 112,

here 112 emergency service has been started by the Uttar Pradesh government. The call was coming from number one unsafe place here,

then Lucknow police took action and

said here the call was made under a man and here there is news related to Atiq on Yogi.

Case of discrimination against Atiq and Yogi.

It is being told that here there was a conspiracy to kill Atiq against Yogi ji, it is being said here that every crime is punished here, but no one is openly encountered in this matter, Atiq’s family and some Atiq Connected people say that it is told here that Atiq was Congress’s parliament a few years ago and during that time Yogi was against him, CM Yogi received death threat

he wanted his own BJP government in entire Uttar Pradesh and

he disputed against Atiq and tried to remove him from

the post of parliament. Atiq and Yogi’s relations were not good because of this.


Uttar Pradesh government is now trying to know

here that who is the real enemy here and why does he want to do it and

here Yogi is also not capable of anyone. And not

here but Yogi used to live with his whole family,

here he used to have enmity with someone in those days but

he improved with age and

a BJP government joined him as a small leader and

here slowly Yogi ji Seeing .

the goodness of Janta Kya Pyaar,

he became the Chief Minister of

Uttar Pradesh after getting support,

here he is known as Hindutva in the whole of India by

the BJP committee and here

the information about Yogi’s threat continues.



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