Zomato Delivery Boy answer Questions after Bengaluru Influencer Alleges attacks

 Zomato Delivery Boy answer Questions after Bengaluru Influencer Alleges attacks

Zomato is trending now a days because of an alleged fight between a delivery boy and famous Influencer Hitesha Chandranee. The incident was that, Famous Influencer and Makeup Artist Hitesha Chandranee has ordered food from Zomato and due to some issue, the food got delayed which results to the massive fight between the Influencer and Delivery Boy. Hitesha shared a video on Social Media where she narrated all the story how Zomato Boy forcefully entered to her house and hit on her nose which leads to her bleeding. The Zomato Delivery Boy’s name was Kamaraj.

See Hitesha Chandranee’s Post :

After two days, that Delivery Boy, Kamaraj, clarifies that, Hitesha Chandranee verbally abused him in starting and also hit him with a Slipper. Upon coming to her nose injury, the delivery boy clarifies that, She hit herself on her nose which cause her bleeding. Ms Chandranee had said in the video that the order she had placed through Zomato was delayed. She was reportedly talking to a customer care executive about this when the delivery person “hit” her and left, leaving her bleeding.

Zomato Delivery Boy Kamaraj
Zomato Delivery Boy Kamaraj

Zomato has temporarily suspended the delivery boy from the post and a case has been filed in police station and police is investigating the whole matter. Refusing Ms Chandranee’s allegations, he said, “I handed her the food and I was expecting her to pay me…I also apologised since the delivery was delayed due to traffic and bad roads…”

The Delivery Boy said that, She refused to pay for the food. On Ms Chandranee’s request, Zomato support has cancelled the order and delivery boy was instructed to collect the food from Chandranee which she refused to give to the delivery boy. Instead of giving food back to the delivery boy, she started argument with him and also verbally abuses him in hindi. The Delivery Boy reportedly decided to leave the premises without collecting the food from her, but that is when, he claims, she began hitting and abusing him in Hindi very badly.

“At this point, when she was trying to push my hand away, she accidentally hit herself with her finger ring on the nose, which led to the bleeding. Anybody who sees her face, will understand that this wouldn’t be created by a punch. And I don’t wear any rings,” Mr Kamaraj told the statement to The News Minute website.

After 1 day of incident, the delivery boy, Kamraj was arrested and continually questioned for almost two hours and later released on a conditional bail. “The police did not disrespect me in any way. But now I have to spend ₹ 25,000 for legal expenses to prevent my arrest,” Kamaraj told The News Minute.

The founder of Zomato Deepinder Goyal tweeted saying, “Right from the get go, our topmost priority has been to get to the truth.”

See Deepinder Goyal’s Tweet :

Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal has also said that Zomato is covering all medical expenses of the Bengaluru woman Hitesha Chandranee while also helping the delivery person Kamaraj with his incomes and legal expenses.

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