Why American bully XL dogs are prohibited in the UK?

 Why American bully XL dogs are prohibited in the UK?

American bully XL dogs will prohibited by the end of the year. According to UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, following a string of major assaults in recent years, some of which have been deadly. He referred to the breed as a “danger to our communities”. Declared that his administration will take measures to outlaw it “. So we can end these violent attacks and keep people safe.”


Since the Dangerous Dogs Act put into effect in the UK in 1991. Bully XL will the first breed to added to the list of forbidden breeds. Scotland, Wales, and England are all subject to the Act.

The American bully XL is what?

The largest of the four sizes of American Bully—standard, pocket, classic, and XL—is the American Bully XL. They created from a variety of breeds, including the American pit bull terrier, which outlawed in the UK in 1991, and said to developed in the 1990s.

According to a BBC article, Bully XL may grow to be 53 cm tall and weigh up to 60 kg, making it powerful enough to “overpower an adult.” The breed has a robust, stocky frame and hefty bones.

The UK advocacy organization Bully Watch claims that the Bully XL first arrived in the nation “around 2014 or 2015” and that since then, its population has been rapidly increasing. Puppies reportedly sold for hundreds of pounds. Bully Watch has called for the breed to outlawed.

“However, as the Royal Kennel Club does not formally recognize it as a breed, there is little information available on its population. The estimated number is in the tens of thousands, according to The Guardian.

Does American Bully XL pose a threat?

The issue has generated a lot of discussion in the UK. The breed has implicated in numerous notorious assaults around the nation. Most recently, two dogs in Staffordshire that thought to bully XL attacked a man and killed him. Sunak made the announcement about the ban following this occurrence.

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