WHO gives emergency approval to Johnson and Johnson vaccine; No second dose required

 WHO gives emergency approval to Johnson and Johnson vaccine; No second dose required

We now have three vaccines authorised for emergency uses two of them the Pfizer – Bio N Tech vaccine and the moderna vaccine are the Messenger RNA vaccines and then we now have a third one from Johnsons and Johnsons also from Johnson and Johnson company which is a different format it is an adenovirus vector vaccine. Adenovirus vaccine are not really new they have already used them for things like the Ebola vaccine and adenovirus vaccine is a virus that has been altered so that it can’t make you sick it can’t replicate and it has a special bit of genetic code that has been inserted into it that in this case causes your body to make the the spike protein.

They are the typical Side Effects that we see from all vaccines the injection site can be red it can be sore you can have a little fever for one to tow days after you can feel muscle aches and you can feel tired and a little headache that’s really it and the nice thing about it is that because of only one dose the amount of Side Effects that people have and their severity it is very very small when we take a second dose of the same vaccine we tend to have more of an immune reaction and more side effects so people will actually get fever and Side Effects over the series with this Johnson and Johnson vaccine because its only one dose vaccine.

johnson and Johnson vaccine dose

So the Johnsons and Johnsons one dose vaccine the other two vaccines are two does series either three or four weeks apart so one does makes it that much simpler to get everybody vaccinated. And all the three vaccines are highly effective and the CDC specially had said that they don’t have any  preference for any of the vaccines 

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