Vicky Kaushal was recently pushed aside for Salman Khan in Abu Dhabi Award event

 Vicky Kaushal was recently pushed aside for Salman Khan in Abu Dhabi Award event

Vicky Kaushal and Salman Khan are currently in Abu Dhabi for an award event. A video from the venue has now surfaced online and its shows Vicky Kaushal meeting fans and posing for selfies with them. suddenly salman khan comes walking along with his entourage and his bodyguards and others push Vicky aside to make way for him. The excitement for IFA 2023 has swept across the abhishek bachchan and will serve as host for the IIFA event on 27 May. The biggest event of the year in Bollywood has drawn stars to Abu Dhabi.

Netizens were split on whether or not they approved of Salman Khan’s security team. A commenter who surrounded Salman Khan said,” Aam asmi ki tarah side me kar dia but we all know the security reason for Salman Khan “Another user wrote “That was arrogant rude but, Damn….talk about star power Vicky was bulldozed aside like he was no one.

In the video, Vicky can be seen obliging a fan with a selfie when Salman enters the scene with an entourage & surrounded by his bodyguards. upon seeing Salman, Vicky gets to a side & tries to greet is pushed aside further by Bhai’s bodyguard. The video is now making the round of social media with many people praising her for his humility & slamming Salman’s bodyguard for being rude.

A third user commented,” I feel so sorry for a few Salman fans If this makes you happy and proud, you need serious help. And just another day, Vicky Kaushal just defining what a fine man he is. Humility love and respect to always. A fourth user reached “Respect for Vicky Kaushal increased by leaps bonds always stay humble grounded.

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