Top 10 Stand-up Comedians Ruling On Internet

 Top 10 Stand-up Comedians Ruling On Internet

Stand-up comedy is a comedy performance and narrative craft whereby a comedian communicates to a live audience, speaking directly to them through a microphone. The performer is commonly known as a comic, stand-up comic, comedian, comedienne, stand-up comedian, or simply a stand-up. 

1. Kunal Kamra

For comedians in India to turn to political material comes with a cost. And that cost includes getting thrown out of your house by the landlord and getting death threats but that hasn’t stopped Kunal Kamra from creating a craze amongst his followers. There are celebrities who have appreciated his work privately but not publically, fellow comedians have refrained from acknowledging him on Social Media AND he’s been canceled from shows because of a politician turning up for it. But who is a comedian if he doesn’t take it in stride? He also runs a Podcast called Shut Up Ya Kunal’, where he calls people in politics as well as newsmakers for a civil discussion on issues. Follow him if you believe his stand-up acts are your cup of tea but make sure to NOT take offense.

Kunal kamra

Kunal Kamra
kunal kamra

2. Zakir Khan

Coming from a very humble background, An Indian stand-up comedian, writer, and presenter rose to fame after winning  Comedy Central’s India’s Best Stand Up Comedian competition. He has also been a part of a new comedy show, On Air with AIB. One of his most famous videos is “When I meet a Delhi girl” which has 15 million views now. He is also done an Amazon Prime show ‘Haq se single’ and appeared as a judge in “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge” season 4. His ability to connect with the audience and describe relatable situations in hilarious ways is what connected him to his fans. He makes sure all his stand-up shows have an emotional aspect to them.

Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan
Zakir Khan

 3. Cyrus Broacha 

I mean there are only a few things a person can do well but NO, Cyrus Brocha has been an acclaimed prodigy ever since he started working at the age of 12- when he got his first Hindi film Jalwa. Cyrus has fulfilled multiple roles with utmost efficiency – TV anchor, theatre personality, comedian, political satirist, columnist, and author. And that’s nothing, he has also been a Radio Jockey ever since FM Radio launched in India. He has also hosted cricket shows and interviewed nearly every cricketer of our generation. 

4. The logical- Rahul Subramanian

Subramanian rose to fame after being part of a hit YouTube comedy channel- Random Chikibum. He appeared in many AIB shows as a supporting actor before he received his own show on Amazon Prime Special ‘Kal Main Udega’.

He explains the illogicality that pertains in our society in the most humorous way possible. His delivery style of punches in a slow and morbid way and steals the show.

5. The Cutie- Kanan Gill

Kanan and Biswa(above mentioned) did ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’ together and post that Kanan received immense love from the Indian audience. At the beginning of his stand up career he contributed greatly to a Comedy Central sketch program called The Living Room.

Stand-up Comedian Kanan Gill

6. The Married Guy – Amit Tandon

An MBA and engineer by qualification, Amit Tandon aka The Married Guy started comedy just has a hobby but his observational comedy which is a reflection of contemporary style made him connect with the audiences. His viral videos have crossed a whooping 100 million views across the social media platforms.

He is one of the three Indian comedians on Netflix. The mega-hit comedy event series “Comedians of the World” made him steal the spotlight on the global platform as he took the stage by storm.

7. Being Bassi – Anubhav Singh Bassi

From being a lawyer, a UPSC aspirant, to opening a food business with friends to eventually ending up on stage as a stand-up comedian, Anubhav Singh Bassi journey has been equivalent to that of a roller coaster. In fact, his humour theme constantly revolves around his career choices.

His first video ‘Cheating’ on YouTube went viral and then there was no looking back. He with his simple way of narration and themes based on everyday life has become an instant hit among the audiences and people are always looking forward for more from this talented man.

8. Chai Time with- Kenny Sebastian

Sebastian is the full package. A comedian, musician and filmmaker who has toured the world as a standup comedian and released multiple comedy specials.

It all began in 2014 where he wrote and directed a season of the The Living Room. He started making his own films at age 15 and had directed 12 shorts and two feature films by age 23. He produced content for his YouTube change through his own production studio called SuperHuman Studioz.

9. Sorabh Pant’s Outrage

Blame it on my huge memory or my sense of observation, but Sourabh Pant’s brand of comedy struck me as unusual. Sourabh’s brand of humor is entertaining one, yet thought-provoking in its keen observations of social and political situations. It comes as no surprise to see his name popping up as one of the best Indian stand up comedians.

Aditi Mittal

10. Aditi Mittal ‘Liberal Feminazi’

She was the first woman to do Stand-up comedy in India who is wittier than most. Raising awareness is hard enough as it is, but using humor to do it must be unimaginably difficult. Aditi, however, does it flawlessly and touches up issues like gender, sex, and notions about beauty in her shows. She also got a chance to set up a Netflix Stand-up show which got aired on July 18 to its over 100 million members across 190 countries globally. This Indian comedian’s bold wit and humor has won her a place in the list of best comedians in India.

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