Top 10 Places to visit this summer

 Top 10 Places to visit this summer

The big ball of fire, our very own Sun at its full might. what better way to excape the summer heat than to find some relief, away from the plains. thankfully , india is blessed with mountains, hills , beaches , exotic forest , and other places to visit in summer that provide some respite from the scorching heat wave. in india , summer begins in the month of april and continues till the end of the june. Fpr thoselooking to break free & gather soe memories with your friends and family during these summer holidays in india , there are some amazing cold places in india. In addition to these mountainous regions , there are some other cool places to visit in india in summer. Here You will find some amazing places to visit this summer.

here’s a list of the best places to visit in India in summer. Have a look at the list before planning a holiday in India and add them to your bucket list for a heartwarming experience . what’s surprising is that they are not just spread across an area but indeed the whole of India. It’s supreme collection of hills stations , cities and towns that you can look forward without breaking a sweat in the scorching summer.

Ladakh : Beige Hillscape

Gangtok : A Unique Hill Station

Darjeeling : Tea Garden Paradise

Shillong : Scotland of East

Pelling : For Glittery waterfalls

Sikkim : The Best Place To Calm your Mind

Kalimpong : For Picturesque vistas

Pachmarhi : Queen Of Satpura

Vagamon : Where Endless Greenery Prevails

Wayanad : Escape To The South

Kabini : The Cool And Green Zone

Gokharna : Beach Destinations and Pilgrimage

When we talk about summer destinations , how can one forget to mention the best place to visit in India in summer – kashmir? Gulmarg , Srinagar and Pahalgan in Kashmir Valley form the perfect trio for any tourist to explore . Truly the 3 are no less than a paradise hideaways. Protect yourself and others around yu by knowing the facts and taking apppropriate precautions . Follow advice provided by your local health authority. To prevent the spread od covid-19 Clean your hands, Maintain a social distancing, take steam twice a day , whenever you feel any discomfort consult your doctor .

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