Thomas and Anny Love Story

 Thomas and Anny Love Story

Once upon a time, there lives a beautiful girl her name is Anny. Anny is not only a beautiful girl but also smart too. Anny gets good marks every time in her exams in college. Although she is good at studies and also well in cultural activities plus sports player, she plays very fine Basketball. True to say Anny is an allrounder of his college.

In her college class, there is a boy named Thomas. As the days are passing already both of them are good friends but suddenly one day Thomas got to know he is having an infatuation with Anny. Thomas is good and somewhat mature so without telling this to Anny he kept it in mind as a secret.

 After a year Thomas got to know that I am feeling in true love with Anny. Both Anny and Thomas are in the final year of their studies. Finally at the end of the academic year at the farewell party Thomas standing nearby the college corridor with a red rose and a little water from his eyes and touches his coat. It is wet now.

Anny noticed this and said, “what is going on here Thomas? something is happening within you Thomas can I know if you don’t mind, please don’t cry”. And made him don’t cry and said “Please be open by heart I can understand your inner feelings”. After this Thomas proposed to Anny with his true heart with feelings he said: “Anny I am in love with you for 2 years but I can’t express it, you know Anny I lived and fought a lot all these days”.

Thomas said, “I am true Anny I want to be with you till the end of my life”. Finally, Anny got to know how much Thomas loves her. So she accepted his love

This is a simple and amazing short story tales with happy-ending. True love is always down to earth with patience and in positive way Thomas got his love in life.

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