In the Arabian Sea 216 got rescue. 495 people stuck. Rescue work is going on continuously since Monday. The recent storm of tauktae has taken time. Due to the possibility of cyclone and the meteorological advice on the rationale.

The NDRF rest of the security teams were already deploying. Barge P305 was drown. But the charges fell short.The impact of this storm can see in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka . On the basis of meteorologists, this tauktae cyclone will have a greater impact than earlier cyclones. And the monsoon in the country. Will be effective in bringing.

Recently it was report that the Navy and the rest of the teams would also work.

tauktae cyclone

Tauktae Cylone Affects Arab Sagar Sea :

Tauktae cyclone is an odd disaster. A news recently came up that 216 people were trap in the ship,which was trapp during this storm . Out of which the news of the death of 22 people came earlier.once the bodies of 11 people were recover. There are reports of 66 people still missing in the sea. We have to be cautious during this cyclone. its effect will be seen in almost all the states . This effect was more in coastal pictures like Kerala, Karnataka, Gujarat Diu etc.

This in itself is a powerful cyclone because such a cyclone has more impact. The cyclone that has come in the last several years. Starting from Lakshya Deep, the cyclone covered a distance of 1200 km and hit Gujarat Diu. The government and administration have issued all the necessary order for this. The meteorologist told that we were taking information and picture of this cyclone after every 15 minutes. For this we made full use of technology, and due to the Satellite inset 3, we were able to get complete information about it.

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