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India and ASEAN Summit are connected by history and geography,

Prime Minister Narendra Modi referred to ASEAN Summit as the “central pillar” of the nation’s Act East Policy and added that India fully supports the organization’s prominence and vision on the Indo-Pacific. PM Modi referred to the twenty-first century as Asia’s century and emphasized the need for everyone to work for a post-Covid international order […]

The G-20 summit in Delhi has not yet been confirmed

Chinese President Xi Jinping has not officially confirmed his attendance at the September 9–10 G-20 summit in Delhi. According to sources in Delhi and Beijing, despite rumors that he may not attend the high-profile gathering. The majority of other world leaders, including U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden and those of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, […]

At the B20 Summit, Jaishankar highlights international attention to the

On Sunday, External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar stressed the urgent need to turn world attention to the issues of the Global South. During his speech to the B20 Summit, an official G20 interaction forum with the global business sector. Jaishankar emphasized the underlying injustices and unevenness of the present international order, which is controlled by […]

Russian President Vladimir Putin will not attend the G20 conference

Russian President Vladimir Putin will not attend the G20 leaders’ meeting, which will be place here on September 9-10, according to Russian Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov. Friday’s declaration is consistent with previous recent international conferences conducted since the beginning of the Ukraine conflict in February 2022, when Mr. Putin has been absent. He was scheduled […]