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Amitabh Bachchan new Digital Avatar

Introduction After accepting a positive decision from the Delhi Tall Court in a point of interest case to secure his voice, picture, and identity rights, famous Bollywood on-screen character Amitabh Bachchan is set to present his advanced avatar for coordinate interaction with fans. Amitabh Bachchan collaboration with Ikonz, an IP monetization stage, Huge B points […]

The Rise of AI in Every Sector: Bengaluru Startup

The rise­ of artificial intelligence (AI) has be­come a game-changer in various industrie­s, reshaping how businesses function and e­ngage with their customers. In this AI re­volution, one notable player is Dukaan, a startup base­d in Bengaluru. Under the le­adership of CEO Summit Shah, Dukaan bravely opted to re­place 90% of its customer care cre­w with […]

India’s Booming iPhone Market: Enters in Top Five

A major transformation occurred for Apple Inc., as India has emerged as its fifth-largest iPhone market, overtaking even Germany and France for the first time ever! Wow, talk about progress! Recent research reports from Counterpoint Research spill the beans on this exciting development. India is becoming a critical future market for the tech giant from […]

The Future of Programmers with AI: All you need to

Introduction Delves into the future of programmers and developers, bringing attention to concerns that AI could revolutionize their roles in as little as five years. This article aims to analyze and explore the possibility of AI transforming programming jobs, and discuss how AI can empower people from all walks of life to embrace coding. The […]

Unlock your financial freedom through Al

In today’s digital era, the notion of passive income has gained remarkable traction unlocking financial freedom through AI. People are increasingly seeking methods to generate income and get financial freedom through AI without actively exchanging their time for money. An avenue with immense promise for achieving financial freedom is through the utilization of artificial intelligence […]

Development Of Technology In India

The Government Of India has supported science and technology in India since many years through various policies.Science and technology has been on strong focus by Modern India.Science and technology is the key element for the growth of an economy. Firstly,India stands at 48th rank among top 50 countries in Global Innovation Index 2020.Also,India is also […]