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MEA: India decides to allow Basmati rice exports to Singapore.

Given its “special relationship” with Singapore. India has decided to allow Basmati rice exports in order to “meet the food security requirements” of the Southeast Asian country. According to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). “India and Singapore have a very close strategic partnership, distinguished by shared interests, close economic ties, and strong people-to-people ties.” […]

The government restricts the export of Basmati rice.

The Union government added protections to its export restriction on non-Basmati white rice. (by misclassifying it as Basmati) on August 28 by prohibiting the export of Basmati priced at less than $1,200 per metric tonne (MT). Non-Basmati white rice exports outlawed on July 20, 2023, citing rising local rice prices. The Union Commerce Ministry stated […]