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Aditya L1 in space; IIT Kanpur aims to solve sun’s

Aditya Eleven in space IIT Kanpur aims to solve sun’s temperature mystery Aditya L1 Mission India’s first space-based solar observation is designed to study the sun from a significant distance of 1.5 lakh kilometers. 1 The mission was successfully launched has sparked excitement among scientists. 2 The spacecraft is equipped with the special device. 3 […]

Aditya-L1 was successfully launched by ISRO: Meaning of the name

Today, September 2, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) successfully launched Aditya-L1, India’s first solar mission, from Srihatikota in Andhra Pradesh. Around the Lagrange point 1 (L1), the spacecraft will put in a halo orbit 1.5 million kilometers from Earth. It is the first mission carried out by ISRO following the remarkable success of Chandrayaan-3’s […]

Aditya-L1 launch: meet the women who halmed Sun Mission successfully.

Nigar Shaji, the project director of India’s first solar mission Aditya-L1 express excitement and pride over the successfully launch of the mission. The successfully launch of Aditya-L1 is a dream come true 59-year-old Nigar Saji the project director whose name signs the brightest among the brilliant women behind India’s first solar mission. I’m extremely excited […]