Some mind-blowing spiritual thoughts

 Some mind-blowing spiritual thoughts

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Self-reliance is the supreme dependence. It should not be ego concentrated. May your mind be a guru. As we are growing our Bhagavat’s ideas also to grow more and more. We should have a right idea about ourself. One should be a hunger of understanding a soul. One’s souls hunger runs deep as much as possible if you go with atman. Try to transform your personal life into developed life. Death is not destruction that is our only displacement. Atman is that the only immutable substance.

Start eliminating the bad and accept the good, you have to go beyond all these. Then the ideal can atleast touch his principles of life. We should struggle for perfection. Don’t caught up and distracted by anything. Try to see the truth behind the perishable fare. We must be compassionate but not blind should have a great compassion. It is necessary to divine our feelings. By Seeing God in ourselves is the first step and then we find him in others and everywhere. Our goal is to be free from every desire. In this life you have to achieve great things because human birth is a unique prospect.

We must not be swept away by the present and emotions. Our goal and the path must be true. Spirituality develops our inner vision. There are different ways to attain spiritual experience. In this knowledge, prayer and service are the ways. Try to devote more time to spiritual pursuits. The Various movements of one Lord is the Srushti-Sthithi-Laya. Sri Ramakrishna says that know about yourself and then you will get to know about God. Be honest with yourself and be honest with your God.  Try to think that we all are the servants of the Lord and we all are his children’s.

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