Sonu Nigam attached at his concert in Chembur

 Sonu Nigam attached at his concert in Chembur

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Sonu Nigam was attackted at his show in chembur area of mumbai on monday evening According to reports , he was accompanied by a friend when the incident occured

Singer Sonu Nigam was attached by a Shiv Sena member in a music concert at chembur in Mumbai. While the singer was performing at the event , the shiv Sena member barged on the stage to click a selfie with Sonu Nigam and misbehaved with the singer’s manager.

While the singer was getting off stage , a shiv sena member pushed him . But Sonu bodyguard came in the middle and acted as a barrier between the singer and assailant . The bodyguard got pushed and fell of the stairs . Again , the assailants treid to the grab the singer . But his friend Rabbani came in between to save him who ended up falling from 7 feet stairs to ground after he got pushed. The singer did not sustain any injuries , but his bodyguard and friend Rabbani was taken to Zen hospital for check up the video of the backstage mishap went viral on social media.

According to a report , Sonu Nigam has filed a complaint against the assailants and said that people should think twice before forcefully taking selfies and creating a mishap . The attached is identified as Shiva Sena MLA son Swapnil Phaterpekar who was later booked by police based on Sonu Nigam complaint .

This scuffle happened in a 3 day chember festival 2023 that was arranged by Suprada phaterpekar she stated on twitter that the singer is not hurt and she and her team were sorry for an unpleasant expeience . She further added that her brother was typing to take a selfie . Due to rush , there was a commotion , and the person who fell from the staircase was taken to the hospital .

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