Salman khan and Shah Rukh Khan relationship:What went wrong between the khan

salman khan

Salman khan and Shah Rukh Khan friendship has always been talk of the town there have been many up and down in their relationship has been the most talk actor in bollywood.The two actor have been the biggest star of the nation.Even today. they crazy and massive for follow their fan club keep fighting among themselves. Salman khan and Shah Rukh Khan have been very close friendsince the start.

Salman khan

It was during the filming of karan Arjun when they got close However,their relationship went through a rough catch.They had a major fall in was during Katrina Kaif’s birthday party when they had a fight. Aamir khan was other present, and he tied to stop the argument,but he failed. patched up in 2014 at baba siddique’s annual iftaar party in Mumbai.

Salman khan and Shah Rukh Khan met each other and hugged.This was the best moment for all SRK fans also that they got together.Since then,they have been inseparable.On SK 53rd birthday party, Shah rukh khan sing song have also been promoting each other’s film on soical media.

Recently SRK family landing in trouble as Aryan khan Narcotics control bureau (NCB) As soon as this happend, was the first one to arrive spotted there multiple time,even during Aryan’s bail plea hearing.

Shah Rukh khan said that his remark was about the role and not his friend and co-star SRK went on to talk about his humorous nature when he got nervous controversial remark,I was just kidding. I often say to yashji that I won’t work a bald Buddha but nobody takes me seriously.the bodybuilding joke went wrong. I wanted to be mean, I would tell him in the face,” he told never hurt someone His and chunky’s (pandey) family really looked.

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