Hollywood version of Sholay, Robert De Niro plays Amitabh Bachchan’s character Jai and Al Pacino replaced Dharmendra’s Veeru


Robert De Niro no matter how many films are made, nothing beats the classic cult cinema experience provided by Sholay. Director Ramesh Sippy’s Sholay is still the all-time favorite entertainer for many. The remarkable film’s witty dialogues, catchy songs, and dramatic twists have led it to mark an irreplaceable place in every cinemagoer’s heart. As the film, till now, is the most popular when it comes to reworking or making comical content out of it, an AI artist has imagined the cast of the movie if it were to be made in Hollywood. He posted a video on Reddit that showcases famous international celebrities as the iconic characters of the Bollywood film. The video has now garnered massive traction and is being applauded by users.

Robert De Niro

The video made using artificial intelligence shows the faces of the original cast morphed by the fabricated ones. In the new cast, Robert De Niro plays Amitabh Bachchan’s character Jai and Al Pacino replaced Dharmendra’s character Veeru. Julia Roberts can be seen riding Dhanno instead of Hema Malini’s character Basanti, while Jack Nicholson is wrongly credited in the video as Anthony Hopkins. He takes the place of the most iconic character of Gabbar. Not only this, actor Kevin Spacey replaced Thakur Baldev Singh in the Hollywood version of Sholay.

The viral video has invited interesting responses from social media users. While some expressed that the video was “brilliantly made”, others seemingly did not approve of the idea to replace the original cast. A user reacted saying, “This is so spot-on characterization and casting. Epic, wish it had audio.” Another expressed that the filmmaker Martin Scorsese should be the director of the project.

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