Ram Navami Special On April 21 , 2021

 Ram Navami Special On April 21 , 2021

The auspicious day of Ram Navami is on April 21 , 2021 . Lord Ram is considered to be an avatar or reincarnation of Lord Vishnu who came down to earth to defeat the demon king Ravana . Ram Navami fails on the ninth day of Chaitra Navratri in the Shukla Paksha or the new Moon phase in April . Devotees recite Tulsi Ramanaya , which tells the story of Lord Ram . In the most Hindu Families puja is done and every member of the family must have to participate in the puja . On the Occasion of this suspicious day people pray for the peace , prosperity , and success and seek divine blessings from Rama Ram Navami .

Ram Navami is on April 21 , Wednesday . The Madhyana Muhrat for ram Navami is a 10 :19 AM to 12:52 PM .the tithi begins at the 12:52 PM on April 21 and ends on 12:35 AM on April 22. On this day , people also organize Kanjak puja at their home . and Halwa , poori and kale chane holds a firm position in the bhojan thali . Ram Navami is celebrated to remember the birth of Lord Rama . It also culminates the nine day fasting routine of the Chaitra Navratri . Besides offering prayers to the ninth avatar of the Maa Goddess Durga (Devi Siddhatri) , devotees organise recitals (Akhand Paath) of Ramacharitramanas at their home , followed by doing Aarti poojan and kanjak poojan . Peoples prepare bhog for their deity and also to offer to the kanjak ( 9 young girls) . The bhog includes fruits , gifts , ladoos , and much more The thing that remains common every year on Ram navami is the classic halwa , poori , and chane .

While this year celebration will be different from past other years . we have to make it sure to wish every loved ones to have a healthy and prosperous life .”On this occasion , I pray that the blessings of Lord Rama will be always with you and everyone life should be fullfilled with happiness , peace , and prosperity . Happy Ram Navami .

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