Personality: The way you hold a pen will tell you what kind of person you are.

 Personality: The way you hold a pen will tell you what kind of person you are.


Personality: Everyone’s way of life is different. Everyone likes to wear different clothes and eat different things. Everyone’s personality is also different. Let us tell you today how a person’s personality is according to the style of holding the pen.

You hold a pen will tell you what kind of person you are – Personality

When a person is given a pen, he holds it in his own way. Some people hold the pen with two fingers, while others use three fingers. While writing, some write in a deep handwriting and some write in a lighter hand. Pen holding style reveals a lot about a person’s personality.

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With which fingers does a person hold a pen? Which fingers a person holds it between are some of the things that tell about a person’s personality. How he treats people and what path he takes in future and what is his status. Let us inform you about this.

Index finger and thumb

People are seen holding a pen between the index finger and thumb. Such people are mysterious in nature. They like to learn new things without giving people too much information about themselves. Sometimes they like to talk a lot and sometimes they sit quietly and watch things. They love to absorb knowledge and are always busy exploring new concepts. They cannot express their feelings openly due to which they are sometimes hurt.

Thumb, index and middle finger

People who hold a pen between their thumb, index and middle finger are dual personalities. Sometimes their nature is kind and loving towards things and people and sometimes they become critical. When they take up any case or issue, they prefer to analyze it thoroughly and arrive at a conclusion. They are a bit emotional and sometimes get upset over small things.

Index and middle finger

People who write with a pen between their middle and index fingers like to spend every moment of their life well. They are so good-nature that they also love to enjoy a cold drink or tea. They like to be unburdene, that’s why you don’t sit with things. Like to gossip but they consider someone’s badness as low class and they don’t like to do so. They like to be with people who are important to them. People around him respect and admire him a lot.

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