Nick Jonas says life before Priyanka Chopra does not exist Desi fans proud

 Nick Jonas says life before Priyanka Chopra does not  exist Desi fans proud

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra make for the most beautiful couple in the world.They are so hot together and their in just goals. Priyanka and nick married each other in 2018.They couple so beautiful and loving couple.They are daughter Malti mare Chopra Jonas in 2021 VIA surrogacy. Nick Jonas shared spending all moment on each other are couple goal.Nick Jonas shared Priyanka while asking her out.

ome of the couple’s cutest moments have occurred behind closed doors, but the actress has fortunately spilled the beans on some of them. She admitted that when she first met Nick, she ‘judged a book by its cover’ and almost didn’t date him. However, she later stated that it was Nick’s “old soul” and his unending support for her career and independence that drew her to the singer. 

Nick Jonas is usually vocal about his love for Priyanka with every opportunity that he gets. He was recently in a talk show where he interacted with everyone and talked about how his life didn’t exist before PeeCee. A fan asked Nick Jonas about the very first text that he sent Priyanka and if he ever slid into someone else’s Dm before. And it was Nick’s turn to get all sweet as he answered saying, “Life before Priyanka is a distant memory. It does not exist.”

 As she was pulled up for lying again. she admitted Priyanka Chopra then further admitted that he might need a lesson or two when it comes to acting. But she definitely said that she might give him lessons if they are casted again in any other movie.Romantic comedies with dramatic elements are generally accessible and insightful because they explore the nuances of human connection and emotion.

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