Naseeruddin Shah: My first salary lasted me two weeks


Naseeruddin Shah dictionary and you can see the love he has for his chosen profession when you watch him do a Paar or Sparsh with as much passion as he does The Dirty Picture. Lata Kubchandani finds out what evokes such commitment in one of the most talented actors in India. My school did many plays. I was convinced I could do better than the kids who did them. When I failed a class, my dad put me into another school. Here I got together with four friends and enacted scenes from The Merchant of Venice in front of a crowd. And at 14, I knew without doubt this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Suddenly, my grades got better, I got into the cricket team. It changed my life! And my poor misguided dad thought I was studying which I wasn’t!

Naseeruddin Shah

Father Cedric, a Jesuit priest gave me the confidence to perform. I owe him a huge debt for that. In drama school (Ebrahim) Alkazi (former NSD Director) inspired me Ideally both. I am lucky to be in a profession that I love and that pays me well. But it depends on your priorities. For me, it was always about doing what I love and the thought of failure was not something I pondered over.

I think success is for contemplating. Unless you reflect you cannot figure out the reasons for your success.As an extra when I was 16 in Aman made by Mohan Kumar. Naseeruddin Shah In the last scene where Rajendra Kumar is being taken for his funeral, I am standing just behind him, looking very earnest. I got Rs 7.50 and it lasted me two weeks.


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