narmada lok in mp: About 5 km long corridor will be built on the ghat of Narmada river in Narmadapuram at a cost of Rs 20 crore.


Narmadapuram: The problem stuck in the implementation of Narmada Lok Corridor, which is being built on the banks of river Narmada at a cost of Rs. 20 crores in length of about 5 kilometers, has been removed. Bhopal Urban Administration and Development Department Directorate has sent a letter to Municipal Corporation

Narmada Lok Corridor

Whose money has also been approved, now after getting approval from the Directorate for taking action related to the tender process, the administration has started preparations.

The corridor will be built from Kharraghat to Gondari Ghat. Sethani Ghat will be the center of attraction. Along with the expansion of ghats in the Narmdalok corridor, constructions showcasing the religious splendor of the city will also be done. Efforts are being made to give Narmadapuram a smart look incorporating the splendor of religion, spirituality, and history.

On January 9, 2024, Narmadapuram Municipality wrote a letter to the Bhopal Urban Administration and Development Department Directorate for approval of the tender form for appointing a planning consultant for the construction of the Narmada Lok Corridor.

Developed ghats including Sethani Ghat, Mangalwara Ghat, Tourism Ghat, and Vivekananda Ghat will be upgraded. For this, gardens and parks will be built in the name of Narmada. According to the information, such plants will be planted here which grow by absorbing water from the environment.

Naming of roads, installation of fountains at various places, creation of paintings on the walls showing the culture and civilization of Narmada, development and conservation of temples on the banks of Narmada will be done.

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