Myths About Entrepreneurs

 Myths About Entrepreneurs

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There are many myths regarding entrepreneurs. In this article, we will be discussing some of the myths regarding them.

Myths Regarding Entrepreneurs

1.They Are Born

Firstly, Many people believe entrepreneurs possess genetic talents. Secondly, they learn how to become so. Entrepreneurship is recently been successfully taught.

2.They Are High-Tech Wizards

Only a small percentage of today’s businesses are considered high-tech, and what was considered high-tech just a few years ago is not considered high-tech by today’s standards. Also, it takes high profit margins and not high-tech to become an entrepreneur. Also, very few businesses require high-tech abilities.

3.They Are Job Hoppers

Most entrepreneurs have usually had a good track record in workplace. Most have spent years working for others before going on their own. However, you don’t have to do so for succeeding.

4.They Finance Their Business Through Venture Capital

Entrepreneurs avoid capital venture as it is most expensive form of funding and they use it only as a last resort. Most of them fund their business through their personal savings or from lending institutions.

5.They Have Limited Dedication

There is a myth that entrepreneurs are not dedicated to any one thing. Dedication is an attribute that all successful entrepreneurs exhibit. They are dedicated to become their own boss. To this, they will work like a dog to make their business succeed.

6.They Are Often Deceptive And Ruthless

Some people believe that to become an entrepreneur, you must have a deceptive quality. On the contrary, this operation doesn’t works for entrepreneur. A deceptive and ruthless entrepreneur will alienate others and be forced to waste time and energy repairing relationships with customers, employees, etc.

7.They Take Lot Of Risks

Firstly, entrepreneurs don’t take lot of risks or put themselves in high risk situations all the time. Secondly, they learn how to take calculated risks. Also, it’s all about balancing the risk and reward. Entrepreneurs are not gamblers and gambling requires luck. So, Yes they take risks but as they are not gamblers, they take calculated risks.

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