Poor Getting Food In Pandemic

 Poor Getting Food In Pandemic

We want to help the poor people during this critical lockdown situation. In my place, there are many poor people who don’t have the necessary equipment or supplies. They don’t even have any proper idea that what is going on. Moreover, there are people who live in the street. They live on their daily wages. As there are lockdown is going on they are not able to earn regularly. We want to provide them food also and help them as much as we can. Please donate us to help them.

Several individuals and NGOs who were distributing food and ration to the needy have said that their resources were drying up with the extension of lockdown still May 3. Ashok Pawar, a social activist from Amalner who is working with the Shree Vardhaman Sanskar Dham, Goshetra Pratishtan in North Maharashtra, are offering food packets to around 4,500 to 5,000 people twice a day since April 5.

Food Distribution By citizens to poor peoples

“I had no idea that the government will extend the lockdown. I had funds and plan still April 14. Now, I was facing difficulties providing food to people,” The individuals are coming forward to donate, but they also have limitations. “The best part of our food distribution system was that I was going door to door. I had given people food cards and every day freshly cooked food packets were being given following social distancing and lockdown norms.  If they stop providing food the needy will come out in search of food and work. “If we don’t receive funds, we will have no option but to shut down this system.

However, the work has been seriously hindered due to the lack of adequate technical support, financial resources, and access to partnerships during the crisis. Our team is confident that even if the program may not reach all poor households Such sharing, whether on a small scale or a larger scale, will surely help Indians and its state to bounce back from the devastating impacts of COVID-19.

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