Mother’s Day 2023

Mother’s Day is celebrated here in our India towards the parents, respect and respect for the children towards their parents is done easily, like on Mother’s Day by taking the parents to the temple and doing Tilak for them. The auspicious rest of the day is done by taking gifts and their blessings and here the mother wishes for the future of the respected and the children and here the blessings of the mother are celebrated towards her children and here the children bring gifts for the mother.

Gifts for Mother

we are blessed by giving gifts on our mother’s day and here mother is given a small gift apart from honor and respect which here we can gift saree or bangle necklace to our mother and here No, but by taking the mother to the temple, we can provide the blessings of God along with the whole family and here we can donate food and clothes to the needy from the hands of our mother.

Mata Lakshmi has a HOUSE with the family

Being a mother in every house is a burden of education and culture and Lakshmi that the mother of every house keeps her home a heaven and shares happiness with her family here and she is more concerned about the safety of the family and the future of the children. Every light illuminates | And not only here, but in every house where mother is present, the beauty of every house increases due to the presence of mother. The God of the world pleases the mother and father.

Celebrate Mother’s Day School

Mother’s Day is made by the children in the school towards education and culture and here in the school our parents are called and tilak is done sitting on them and their aarti is performed and not here but according to the rules of our culture, they bless us by touching their feet. Is taken and we give them a small gift and see the happiness on their face and parents wish us a bright future and they spend their whole life in our care.

Care and Respect Parents

As our parents raise us with care and respect from our childhood, in the same way it is our duty to care for them and with respect we stay together as a family, here mother’s blessings are there.


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