Mr beast
Mr beast

mr beast
Mr beast is a YouTuber who lives in the United States, who is focusing on his YouTube career and has become one of the world’s biggest YouTubers, but here he is known all over the world by the name of He started with his YouTube career, which has million subscribers today, now he has achieved so much that his monthly and yearly income cannot be estimated here, but according to some research here, it is said that his monthly income is 30 million. There are dollars and here Universal’s famous YouTuber wastes as much as any film star does not know how to earn.

Games Events Mr Beast.

Here Mr Beast invites its subscribers from all over the world to the event and makes them play games here and here different types of games are played and every participating subscriber is rewarded by giving gifts and amounts and not here but They gift islands and house diamonds and not here but win or lose every subscriber, do not let anyone go empty handed, respect them by giving them a few dollars and win their love here by giving them respect.

Bio Mr. Beast.

It is a matter of 1998 when a Jimmy Donaldson (Mr Beast) was born in America, here he studied from high school in his childhood and here when Bey was 15 years old, he made a YouTube channel but did not get success here, but when Mr has created a new channel, whose name is known to the whole world today. Beast has a YouTube channel by the name of Beast, here he has a total of 151 million subscribers who love him a lot and here he is a happy hearted person who respects most. do

Experiment and games .

Games experiments and games for people on their channel, Beast and not here but bring new ones everyday for their subscribers and give lakhs of crores of rupees as reward, here their fans also support a lot. No, the whole world is run on this and here Hindi language videos have also drowned, here it is the richest in terms of money, here even Hollywood actors do not earn as much as the dead Beast.



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