Lower than Ill give out the general consensus one to mythology, religion, mysticism, and esotericism has about for every number

Lower than Ill give out the general consensus one to mythology, religion, mysticism, and esotericism has about for every number

This is off Quantity

Whenever i previously mentioned, its important that you look for their meanings, but it does assist to know what for every amount form. Possibly we actually are tuning to the antique times, miracle, and you will concept of for every number:

Number 0

Zero is member of your own fundamental void, the newest womb, the realm of prospective. Zero are a group you to definitely signifies entirety: what precedes lives, the newest eternal force. It is absolutely nothing and you can that which you, the beginning and the prevent. No might be symbolic of Heart otherwise Jesus, and hence off unity and wholeness.


One represents frontrunners, fuel, and believe. First is like an even arrow and that shows engagement and reliability. One is along with reflective out-of personality, self-knowledge, and notice-empowerment. In lieu of no, that’s women and responsive, one has a masculine and you can willful opportunity.

Number 2

Two ‘s the amount of duality; the brand new broke up i perceive in life anywhere between white and dark, inside and out, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, negative and positive, life-and-death, mind and heart, and the like. On one side, a couple presents relationship, however, on the other, it presents disagreement and resistance. Whenever well-balanced, one or two was lots of equilibrium, but when unbalanced, the quantity several would be malicious.

No. 3

Three is usually recognized as a really happy and you will powerful amount. About three signifies the newest divine principle one to underlies lifetime including the notice, human anatomy, and you may soul; birth, life-and-death; delivery, middle and you will avoid; previous, introduce and upcoming, and so forth. Religious lifestyle such as Wicca and Christianity signify the latest religious force once the a triune, instance, the daddy, Guy, and Holy Heart, in addition to Maiden, Mother, and you can Crone. Around three is symbolic of achievements, instinct, and you can fortune.

No. 4

Five are a beneficial grounded and you will stable matter that evokes a sense from peace and you may solidity. Five is very much rooted in the fresh new actual community and is regarding becoming establish plus in new “today.” Such as, you can find five 12 months, four elements, and you can five corners of the planet. Four is approximately building a strong basis and you may development a down-to-environment direction.


Five was loads of adventure and you can liberty. Four is additionally a very sexual count (five senses, five-fingers and you will feet) and its about enjoying lifetime, trying new enjoy, and seeking away satisfaction. That it count is also associated with sense lives transform (eg matrimony, separation and divorce, the new operate) and you can and then make important alternatives.


Half dozen is short for a balance within earthly and you may religious realms. Half dozen is even connected to instinct, clairvoyance, or other extrasensory capacities (and this the fresh “sixth” sense). During the numerology, half dozen is the number of the mother; the person who nurtures and you will compassionately suits someone else.

# 7

7 is a magical number which is associated with synchronicity, fortune, and you will brilliance (eight chakras, 7 tone of the rainbow, seven days in the few days, an such like.). 7 is additionally recognized as a strange amount which is connected so you’re able to religious awakening, introspection, and also the growth of knowledge. It amount was connected with the new search for Knowledge plus the desire for a much deeper understanding of lives.

No. 8

7 are associated with wealth, success, and you will monetary well-are. Ingenuity, work, commitment, and you may internal stamina are typical qualities off 7. Spiritually, eight can be regarded as an enthusiastic equalizer otherwise balancer (and that the figure) you to definitely unites this new mindful for the involuntary, and you can earthly on religious. To put it differently, eight is reflected on proverb “might experience everything you sow.”

# 9

9 is the number ebonyflirt indir of fulfillment. Understanding, self-examination, enlightenment, and better understanding are typical qualities associated with amount nine. 9 is even associated with ones higher mission and you will ultimate lifestyle mission; this number encourages us to simply take a wild birds eye view of our everyday life.

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