Lockdown of 1 day in Bhopal remains quiet Good

 Lockdown of 1 day in Bhopal remains quiet Good

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan implemented 1 day of Lockdown stating from 19 March 2021 10:00 P.M to 21 March 6:00 A.M in 3 cities of Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur). The decision was taken in a meeting where several politicians have put their views and took this decision.

1 Day of Lockdown in Bhopal remains good enough. It gets quiet satisfactory. Everyone follows the rules and regulation of Lockdown but some people don’t accept this and comes outside from their houses and start roaming on the roads. Police was standing on every Chauraha and on every road. Those who have not followed the rules were strictly beaten by Police.

See the pic of Lockdown in Bhopal :

Lockdown in Bhopal

Many of the shops were closed except the essential item shops and Medical Stores. Everyone has followed the 1 Day Lockdown and enjoy at their homes with their families. Some people go on the terrace while other enjoyed playing gamed and doing fun activities. Everyone gets a good mind fresh and a great start for tomorrow. Hope this will be the last lockdown of 2021 and Coronavirus ends soon not only from Bhopal but from every single parts of this World.

See the Silence of Bhopal :

Lockdown in Bhopal

Coming to the cases of Coronavirus, Bhopal and Indore cases are increasing day by day. People are not maintaining Social Distancing and not following rules of Government of India. Cases of Coronavirus are increasing regularly. Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thakre has also warned everyone for the Lockdown as people are not understanding about Importance of Social Distancing and Masks.

Let’s just hope for a better start tomorrow. Keep in mind that wearing masks, Sanitising yourself and maintaining Social Distancing will make you stay safe from this deadly Coronavirus. Only you can make yourself Safe from this Coronavirus.

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