Lightning fell on the house: Chhindwara

 Lightning fell on the house: Chhindwara

Lightning fell on the house CHHINDWARA

Lightning fell on the house: Chhindwara

It is raining heavily in Chhindwara, it is raining continuously for 15 consecutive days. Due to continuous rains in Madhya Pradesh, public is suffering a lot. hour is rainy season.

Due to heavy rains in Mohkhed village of Chhindwara district, lightning fell on a poor family’s kutcha house. Here in Chhindwara, the name of water and storm has not stopped. And now there is havoc of rain in every corner of the world, but here now who will fill the electricity that has fallen on the raw house of a poor family.

lightning fell on the house.

Due to heavy rains, water was filling in the raw house of Ramdas Dhurve, who lives in Bhairov pani of Mohkhed development block Jamuniamal, then at 12 o’clock he left the house and went to the house of Prime Minister’s emergency plan being built in front and he waited till late night. When the rain stopped, but the rain did not stop, he went to sleep in front of his neighbor’s house.

Here it is early in the morning at 5:45 minutes it rained heavily and suddenly lightning was seen falling from the sky and here the eyewitnesses are Ramdas himself and his wife and children. And all the things in the house were burnt and the food ration was also burnt and the clothes and bedding were also burnt to ashes here.


SI Arvind Baghel and constable Amit Tomar inspected the spot and decided to reach the government with an application that here a poor family lost their roof due to sudden heavy rain and lightning, it is requested that the government Ramdas And provide shelter to his family and help the family here and I will also help them and, here meanwhile Ramdas and his wife and children were taken to

Chhindwara SI house here is a very kind police inspector ,

here people He also understands the pain,

Arvind Baghel has said that until the government gives you a new house,

all of you will stay in my house.

Yes, it is true that why it is raining suddenly and it is summer here,

this time it rained directly after winter.

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