The life of Vivekananda has great value for us

 The life of Vivekananda has great value for us

warrior monk swami VIvekananda

Swami Vivekananda born Narendra Nath Dutta, was born in Calcutta on Monday, the 12th January 1863. With a short extent of life, he left as many achievements of his life.

A wandering monk who fixed the world with spiritual shine and created heavenly wonderful, divine reflection on everywhere in the world. His universal ideas and thoughts are still alive and remain forever. He is such a spiritual soldier with powerful deep thought and meditation on his universal ideas found him a great personality.

He disbursed his complete life in search of real truth and God. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, who is Swamiji’s guide and authority, said “yes I have seen god, I can show you also” with all of these words and exploration, Vivekananda solely surrendered to paramhamsa and became spiritual teacher of mankind. Swamiji thus emerged as the primary principle of Paramhamsa. Also celebrated three following days of fierce penance on the renowned rock of Kanyakumari.

India is amusing in spirituality. At the wish of many devotees, he agreed to go to America and participate in the world’s parliament of religion to talk about Hinduism. The historical speech on 1893, September 11, the speech in the conference is famous internationally at the same time he received honours and tributes. In America, Swamiji discoursed a few years Paramhamsa message through lectures. Swamiji Became a household word here in America. His achievement was to enhance India’s dignity. In 1896, Swamiji returned to India as a victor from the out of the country.

American newspaper bought swami Vivekananda’s personality and messages described in hundreds of ways. One American newspaper editorial Said every wise man should not miss the opportunity to see Swami Vivekananda and hear his speech…Every intellectual must study his personality. Studying Vivekananda is like watching complete India. 

In him, we find the great heart of Lord Buddha, the powerful intellect of Shri Shankara, the fiery abandonment of Lord Jesus Christ. The spark of Vivekananda’s inspiration does not leave to light up everyone’s heart.

Swami Vivekananda is naturally a remarkable talent. He was called a monk. Yes, he is the warrior monk. He did show the greatness of India.

Swami Vivekananda was a tremendous force. World religion is humanism asserted. Someone who is not confident is pretending to be an atheist. By his yogic energy, from worldliness had predicted the events. To the young men of their country, he left out a treasure trove and excessive courage.

To understand the spirit of Swamiji’s life and words, we need proper attention and deep thinking. His wisdom gave desire to the world. He is known as a nation-builder. Swamiji was a strong nation follower. He died on 1903, July 4. At the age of 39 years in Belur Math in West Bengal while meditating.

He is seen as a major force behind the revival of Hinduism in India and is credited with creating interfaith awareness as well. Vivekananda’s contribution to world culture is memorable. Swami is an inspiring personality for every humankind and also to the new generation.

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