Leopard came out in Chhindwara district due to rain

 Leopard came out in Chhindwara district due to rain

Leopard came out in CHHINDWARA District due to rain

Leopard came out in Chhindwara district due to rain

Madhya Pradesh Chhindwara has been raining continuously for 5-6 days, here Chhindwara district asked where is the heat.

Leopard found in Chhindwara district Due to heavy rains, leopard came from Nikashi forest of district Chhindwara and entered here in the city and here in Chhindwara, seeing the fear of the people, Leopard came out in CHHINDWARA due to rain the forest police took action and here the leopard is being searched, but it is being told Here the leopard is seen alone but with 2 of its cubs and here it comes on the road due to heavy rains.

Leopard hunted animals

In Chhindwara, the leopard attacked and dragged the animals from the house of Babulal, who lives in a small village, Singodi. It is being told here that the leopard is roaming with its children, due to the heavy rains in the forest, wild animals are unable to live here. Inconvenience is happening here due to the fast pace of rain leopard and moss wild animals are coming out due to which they are moving towards the city. Did not do any harm but the fear of the people is increasing here in the city.

Forest police caught leopard and its child

Leopard and its cubs roaming in Chhindwara Here, the people of Chhindwara are scared that they should not hurt or harm us here and although the leopard here did not harm anyone, but it made its food to an animal, here it is a non-vegetarian food. Which he hunted food here for his child and himself.It is being told here that the leopard has come from the small hilly area of ​​Singodi Village, it always comes here due to heavy rains and never harmed anyone here and the leopard Leopard cubs have been seen near a drain of a field, during this information was given to the forest police, Ashok Yadav, who lives in village Singodi, was seen in the field,

here Ashok told the forest police and ,

the police came and kept the leopard cubs in a big cage. caught in
And along with it,

saw the leopard drinking water in the drain and caught it too,

now Kanha has taken it to the forest of Kishli.

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