Tunnel Discovered by Israeli Military 55-Meter Tunnel Beneath Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza


The military releases footage of what seems to be a 55-meter-long tunnel that excavated beneath the hospital. According to the Israeli army, a tunnel shaft beneath the troubled al-Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza has discovered. The army stated in a statement on Sunday that it had discovered a 55-meter (180-foot), 10-meter-deep (32-foot) tunnel beneath the main medical facility in Gaza, which has besieged by Israeli forces for a number of days.

A soldier can seen lowering himself into the tunnel in a video that the army posted on its official Telegram account. It stated that the video recorded on November 17 using two different cameras. In the videos, there is a stairway that leads to a concrete passageway with an arched ceiling that seems to go to a door.

Footage shows the discovered tunnel beneath al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, highlighting the challenges in the conflict.

The tunnel discovered “in the vicinity of the hospital beneath a shed alongside a vehicle containing numerous weapons including RPGs, explosives, and Kalashnikov rifles,” the statement said. A military bulldozer that used to tear down the hospital complex’s outside wall revealed a protected shaft with a spiral stairway that descended ten meters, Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari told reporters.

Hagari described the structure as “a huge one with metal [spiral] stairs, then it goes along for 55 meters… and reaches a blast door,” suggesting that the soldiers had not yet attempted to open the door out of concern that it was booby-trapped. He continued, explaining that troops would keep examining the area since there may be access tunnels from surrounding residences. Intelligence beyond the door indicated that either the tunnel would divide or there would be “a big room for command and control.”

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