Is 202Cr Rs Budget and 1758 Cow Shelters Solved the Cow’s Misery?

Cow's Misery: Cow roaming on road

Bhopal has a growing number of cow shelters, but the cow’s misery is not decreasing. Since 2019, The number of cow shelters has reached 1758 from 1583. Also, the number of cattle breeds increased in these shelters to 1.5 times. Between 2019-2020 the number of cattle was 1.69 lakhs now it reaches 2.78 lakhs.

Notably, the budget as a grant to cow shelters increased in these 5 years from 41.62 Cr to 202.33 Cr Rs. Which is 5 times greater than the prior one.  The grant for cattle fodder for cow shelters also increases. Although, these efforts are not enough to end the cow’s misery.

Cow’s Misery

They are still roaming on roads, becoming victims of road accidents and hurdles in traffic regulation. In the Bhopal district, only 10,000 cows roam on the road. While the statics shows 2 lakhs of such cattle in Madhya Pradesh. Because of this, more than a thousand accidents happen daily in the city. Despite, being aware, the government agencies are not taking any action.

Reason for Cow’s Misery

Cow shelters are not getting grants from the Animal Husbandry Department on time. As a result, Cow shelters cannot properly manage residing cows and admit new cows. Moreover, there is an error in the Municipal Corporation, Municipality and Panchayat levels. They are abiding by the rules and taking cattle timely to the Cow Shelters.

However, the Departmental minister confirms that orders are already given to district collectors regarding these issues. In addition to this, He said that there was not any delay in the release of grants for the cow shelters. 

Grants for Cow Shelters

Operators of various cow shelters admitted that they are not getting grants at regular intervals. Some operators get 2 times in 3 years and some others get in 3 months interval. Shriradharani cow shelter in Rampura gets 2 times grant in 3 years. Bajrangbali cow shelter in Kachnariya is closed due to irregularities in grants.

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