IPS Sachin Kumar Atulkar became DIG.

 IPS Sachin Kumar Atulkar became DIG.

Ips Sachin Kumar atulkar become DIG from CHHINDWARA

IPS Sachin Kumar Atulkar became DIG From CHHINDWARA M.P

( IPS SACHIN KUMAR ATULKAR ) here he is known as one of the good police officers of Ujjain. The people of Ujjain believe that Sachin Kumar Atulkar is greater than God for them and here he performs the duty of a good police and IPS and here he does his duty. According to the command and for the protection and security of their country, good police officers are considered,

here their post is an IPS officers.

Details of Sachin Atulkar

He was born in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. And at the age of 22, from the batch of IPS in 2007

he has been able to follow his duty and duty and become a good police officer. And here one is from Hindu religion and his height is 6 feet and chest width is 43 inches and waist is 32 and here he is handsome and looks like a hero. If we talk about his personality, then Bollywood actors are nowhere in front of him.

How did Ips Sachin Kumar Atulkar become DIG?

Sachin Kumar Atulkar has been transferred to Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh.

And here in Chhindwara district he was welcomed with a very happy heart and here Sachin Kumar Atulkar has been ordered to perform the duties and responsibilities of the DIG in Chhindwara district.

Sachin Atulkar took oath here that I take orders from IPS to DIG and will do my duty towards

the country and will always be present here for the safety and security of my country India.

And Sachin Kumar Atulkar ji is fulfilling his duty by speaking here.
Sachin said that I will take action against any crime and accident in Chhindwara district as well and will do everything to end the crime.



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