how carry minati became youtuber and actor

Carry Minati was a 16-year-old boy from Faridabad who was very fond of games apart from studies and Ajeya Nagar (Carry Minati) took a name of his own because there is also a YouTube channel which is famous all over India and the world. Here is Carry Minati in his beginnings and has achieved a lot in his career, he is now India’s number 1 roasting youtuber and here he is also a gamer and he has also made a movie which in the beginning of his career he created havoc on social media in |

Carry Minati started with GAME

Ajey Nagar (Carry Minati) was a student who did his education from Delhi Public School, now here after 10th class exam, he started his career in summer vacation of 3 months and he created a YouTube channel named Carry Minati and Carry Minati. Now he started roasting everyone’s videos and here he roasts by giving dirty words and abusing, here he became recognized in YouTube and started earning money from YouTube.

Movie Carry Minati : Bollywood

Carry Minati, who came to make a career in Bollywood, fulfilled his dream, which was his dream to appear in TV since childhood and he achieved it here. Called and did advertisement here and also he was offered a movie named Agnya Movie ( Runaway 34 ) and Carry Minati did great acting in here movie and won the title here and here movie was shown on TV and also in cinema house The Carry Minati got the love and support of the public.

Gameing Carry Minati

carry minati is also a gamer he started with free fire game which is a china game here he used to play game on his study alva free time and his parents used to shout him and here carry did not listen to him He used to stay locked in the room alone day and night and used to roast games and YouTube. Here his parents were very upset with him, but when Carry Minati’s career changed, his parents are now happy.
here is invincible carry minati.

carryminati rapper and musician

Carry Minati is also no match for anyone in Bollywood industry in terms of music and not only here but also in Carry Minati’s rap songs,

he is crazy about Carry Minati,

and here Carry Minati’s rapper song has created a buzz. Will also sing songs for and here bo is growing very fast, here Carry Minati is not useful to anyone.


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