Destruction Of The World With Global Warming

 Destruction Of The World With Global Warming

Meaning Of Global Warming

Global Warming is the phenomenon of climate change characterized by increase in average temperatures of the earth which modifies the weather balances and ecosystems for a long time. Also,it is directly related to greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, worsening the greenhouse effect.

Causes Of Global Warming

1.Burning Fossil Fuels

When we burn fossil fuels like coal and gas to create electricity or power our cars we release carbondioxide pollution into the atmosphere.


Plants and trees play a crucial role in regulating the climate because they absorb carbondioxide from air and release oxygen to the air.So, humans are clearing vast areas of vegetation around the world, resulting in stored carbon being released back into the air as carbondioxide.

3.Agriculture And Farming

Livestocks produce methane, a greenhouse gas which is a big factor to global warming. Some that farmers use also release nitrous oxide, which is also a greenhouse gas.

4.Disappearing Glaciers

Early snowmelting leads to shortage of water and increase the chances of wildfire.

Tips To Stop Global Warming

1.Recycle More

The aim is to cut down the amount of carbondioxide released in the environment. If you even recycle half of the waste produced at your home, you can save upto 2000 pounds of carbondioxide every year.

2.Drive Less

Minimise the use of cars and make use of public of public transportation. Also, try walking or using cycle or carpooling whenever possible.

3.Plant more trees

Planting trees helps in absorbing carbondioxide and giving out oxygen to the atmosphere.

4.Use Renewable Energy

Using renewable energy sources such as solar, geothermal, wind and biomass and stop using fossil fuels. Also, use renewable energy to power your home.

5.Save Water

Make sure to turn off taps when brushing teeth and go for shorter showers.

6.Use less hot water

You can save upto 500 pounds of carbondioxide by switching to cold showers and not using hot water to wash clothes.

7.Spread Awareness

Spread awareness on global warming by talking to people about it’s causes and also guiding them on how to prevent it.


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