Encounter of Atiq and son Asad

 Encounter of Atiq and son Asad

Encounter of Atiq and son Asad

Encounter of Atiq and his sons Asad, Ashraf, Mohammad Ghulam

When and how did the encounter of Atiq Ahmed and his son happen?
It is a matter of February 24 that Umesh Pal was murdered in Prayagraj, Atiq and his brother Ashraf, and his son Asad were behind the murder of Umesh. And other shooters were involved On February 24, the police found Atiq’s son and the shooter and did an encounter.
Umesh Pal Murder: Talks related to Umesh’s murder, Umesh was murdered by Atiq’s son Asad and other goons and gangsters, shooters were involved in it, but the police did not like the matter here and after a lot of investigation, the police Assad and his fellow shooter were found and brought in an encounter. On Thursday, the police (UPSTF) got a big success, let’s know when and how the next news happened.

The absconded criminal Asad: After killing Umesh, Asad and his accomplices attack Umesh repeatedly and attack them by throwing bombs, which kills Umesh’s accomplice and Umesh and here Asad and his accomplices. They plan to escape after killing Umesh Pal and get confused. For a long time, the UP police was searching and one day the police took Asad and his accomplice to the guard and they were brought for medical, only then the police encounter them on the way.

Where did the encounter between Asad and his accomplice take place?

30 to 35 km from Jhansi, it has happened near Chirgaon from Badagaon, on the highway of Jhansi and Kanpur, it is said that Asad and Mohammad Ghulam were hiding near Parichha dam. That’s why (police STF) took the gun and asked Asad Mohammad Ghulam to surrender but Asad and Ghulam started firing,

meanwhile Asad and Mohammad Ghulam were encountered by the police.


Asad and Ghulam were killed by Kiske

Murder done by UPK (STF) police team in which Deputy SP Navendu and his team STF towards Deputy SP Vimal. Apart from these, Inspector Anil Kumar Singh, Gyanendra Rai and Sub-Inspector Vinay Tiwari, Sonu Yadav, Sushil Kumar, Bhupendra Singh, Commandos: Arvind Kumar and Dilip Kumar Yadav were included in the commandos.

Asad had assassins.

88 pistol 7.63 bore, 455 revolver and American dog were recovered from Asad. And some bikes were also found stolen and weapons were also used here, their hooters were also trained.

From where did the UP police get the news of Asad?

The address was done through a close friend of Atiq’s son Asad and Asad had also betrayed his close friend many days ago, during this time the police detained two of Asad’s friends and interrogated them when Asad and Ghulam were sent to Gujarat. He was being brought from Prayagraj,

since then the police was following his convoy.

Asad was absconding after the murder of Umesh Pal.

Umesh Pal’s murder means Umesh Pal was

the witness of Rajupaal’s murder in broad daylight,

so Asad killed Umesh Pal.

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