Electric current from cooler: Death.

Electric current from cooler: Death.
Electric current from cooler: Death.

Electric current from cooler: Death

In Singodi, a small village in Chhindwara ( ELECTRIC Current from cooler : Death ) district of Madhya Pradesh, a child from a poor household got electrocuted from a cooler. Know how the child got electrocuted A poor family living in a small village of Singodi in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh met with an electrocution and a child died.
Chhindwara has been in a bad condition due to the heat,

due to which the temperature of summer in the village and the city has increased to 36% degree and due to the heat here,

living in Chhindwara is not possible.

During this time due to heat wave in village Singodi of Chhindwara, beta of a poor family was going to turn on the cooler, then suddenly due to current in the cooler,

he died after checking here carefully and looking at the cooler fan etc. turn on

Every year lakhs of people die due to electrocution in coolers and fans in summer,

and there is negligence towards us. Every year,

if the heat is extreme,

then before the cooler comes out,

you must check with the electrician near you and carefully install the cooler.

use the fan.


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